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Totes, Purses, Beach Bags…Oh My!

24 Nov

Need a tote or purse but not sure on a style or design? Handmade totes from my shopare definitely

Blue and White Lattice Tote

the totes for you! Perfect bags that could be used as purses, totes, school bags,beach bags, church bags and much, much more. 

All of my totes range come in sizes starting out with small totes that measure 12 inches by 12 inches or large totes that measure 16 inches by 16 inches.

Depending of the use of your tote you can decide with size would work best for you!

Some of my totes even have two pockets in the front of the bag. This pockets are perfect are holding:

A Cell Phone
Sun-Tan Lotion

Looking for a gift as for a housewarming present, Christmas present, or Birthday present? These totes will be perfect for that special someone in your life.

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Fabric Wallets

14 Nov

What is a fabric wallet? Well it is a wallet made out of fabric!

Pink and White Swirl Fabric Wallet

I have tons of colors and designs of fabric wallets found in my shop! Some of the designs include diamonds, swirls, polka dots, flip flops, hearts, and even toiles. Just like my aprons, all of the fabric wallets found in my etsy shop are made with decor fabrics that are nice and sturdy therefore, will last.

What is a fabric wallet used for? There are many uses for a fabric wallet. Some of these uses include: coupon holder, kid’s supplies such as for holding crayons or beads, craft supply holder, and holding money and credit cards. 

Blue And White Fabric Wallet

Makes a perfect gift for a family member or friend! All of the wallets in my shop come in different shapes and sizes depending on what you are going to use it for. All of the wallets are lined too! Each wallet has a velcro colsure which makes these fabric wallets easy to open and close. Looking for a particular color or design? Send me an email and I will see what I can do!

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Unique Aprons

10 Nov

Looking for a Christmas Gift or Housewarming Gift? Check out the aprons in my shop! All of the aprons in my shop  are made with unique fabrics that would not usually be made into an apron. I generally use a little bit heavier fabric because they last longer that light weight cotton blend fabrics. 

Green and Cream Lattice Apron

All of my aprons are lined which makes them extra sturdy. The lining on the apron is a solid colored fabric that coordinates with patterned fabric on the front of the apron. All of the aprons have three pockets that are at the bottom of the apron. Generally these pockets are about 8 inches deep. The large pockets are great for holding cooking utensils. Another use of these aprons are in the craft room with you are creating. The pockets can be used to hold scissors, thread, and much much more. 

Multicolored Flip Flop Apron

Most of the patterns that I use on the aprons are a little but more modern and contemporary. Each apron is very unique because they are all handmade. This means that each apron is one of a kind. 

Each apron has a strap on the top, which are made to easy slip over your head. There are also straps on the sides of the apron that generally measure 30 inches long and easily tie in the back.  The body of the apron measures 25.5 inches tall and 27 inches wide at the pockets and 10 inches at the neck. All of the aprons also have a strip of trim above to pockets just for a little added pizzazz.

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Feature Shop –

8 Nov

When promoting handmade items, Etsy is a great place to start. So I want to take shops that have helped me in the past and new shops that are trying to get their names out there by having Featured Shops on my blog. For my First Feature Shop I was to give a shout-out to my brother’s shop


He started this shop back in May for basically a summer job. In his shop lovelylovepatterns, he sells (you

1995 Uncut Simplicity Pattern 9570 Size A (3,4,5,6)

guessed it) patterns! Most of them are vintage and include brands like Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick and Vogue. He decided to start selling patterns because in my shop lovelylovedesigns, vintage patterns sold very well. All of his patterns range in sizes, designs, and age, which means everyone will find a pattern that will work for them in this shop.

2000 Uncut Simplicity Pattern 9142 Size A (.5, 1, 2, 3,4)

Some of his most popular patterns deal with children’s clothes. Since children quickly grow out of there clothes, sewing patterns are the way to go. This is because if you create the original outfits and then adapt the clothing for the growing child.

Other sections that are found in his shop are the years each pattern was put out. Since people might be looking for a particular pattern, the year the pattern was created is the easiest to search. The following years can be found on his shop:

If you are looking for a particular pattern or style do not hesitate to ask him! He has thousands of patterns to list so keep checking his shop for updates. 
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November Giveaway!

7 Nov

I am trying something different for the month of November by doing a giveaway on Facebook. This is my first one and I want to THANK Flutterby Connections for showing me this awesome application. 

Black and White Diamond Tote

For this giveaway, I am offering a Fantastic Black and White Diamond Tote! A $12.00 VALUE and Free Shipping to the Winner! All you have to do is like my Facebook page and Enter To Win!

The Classic Black and White color combination will work with any of your outfits. This black lined tote is 12″ tall and 12.5″ wide with 20″ handles and a ribbon closure. This tote could be used for many different purposes:

  • Regular Purse or Tote
  • Beach Bag
  • School Bag
  • Diaper Bag
  • Church/Bible Bag
  • Much Much More
This tote also has a modern design that all of your friends will envy! It would also make an AMAZING Christmas Gift! 

Regular and BNR – Buy and Replace – Treasuries on Etsy

6 Nov

Treasuries are a great way to promote items from your shop and others shops on Etsy. It took me awhile to figure out how to make treasuries but they are very easy!


Here are the steps!

  1. Go to the main page of Etsy.
  2. Next to the words Handmade Items, you will see a hyperlink “see more” click that.
  3. On the right side of the page, you will see a box that said “curator tools.” In that box, click the link “create a list.”
  4. Now you are ready to create your treasury.
Most treasuries deal with a theme. One treasury that I created was for the Cardinals and the World Series. It was titled “Let’s Go St. Louis Cardinals!” When viewing a treasury, you can heart it, comment on it and click on the items you want to find out more information on.
If you are looking at making connections with other shops on Etsy or making sales, check out the BNR treasuries. BNR stands for buy and replace. There are a lot of different types of BNR treasuries buy generally they all work the same way.
  1. Find an item for one of the featured shops in the treasury you would like to purchase
  2. In the comments box at the bottom of the page, post the shop name you want to purchase from
  3. Wait for the curators okay
  4. Once you have permission, go and purchase the item you were wanting
  5. Post the transaction link in the comment box for the curator to see (the transaction link will have the word “transaction” in it)
  6. The curator will put one of the items from your shop in the slot of the shop you bought from
Some shops tweek the format of the BNR treasuries to make it a little more interesting. Make sure you read rules for each BNR you want to enter BEFORE purchasing. This will ensure you will not make unnecessary purchases.

Fleece Scarves

6 Nov

Wanting to give a unique gift for the Holiday season? Want something nice and warm that this special someone can cherish for many years to come? Check out the Fleece Scarves that I have in my shop. I started creating my fleece scarves for some friends in high school with our school colors, maroon and white. Word soon spread and I started making different color combinations with other schools that are around my area. I sold these scarves at many craft shows and sometimes sold them to local cheer-leading squads. 

Purple Fleece Scarf

All of my Fleece Scarves are made with 100% polyester. Each scarf has different measurements but generally each scarf measures around 72 inches in length and 9 inches wide. This is the perfect length for a scarf because you will be able to wrap it around your neck and still have some length on the sides. 

Fleece Scarves are really easy to keep clean. Machine wash cold on the delicate cycle and then tumble dry low. 

Black and Gold Fleece Scarf

I can also make custom orders too if you are needing certain color combinations. With living in Missouri, Missou is a very popular college and has the popular school colors gold and black. Gold and Black Fleece Scarvesare found in my shop for only $5.00!

Don’t want to buy online? Check out the local shop on Main Street St. Charles called I Am What I Am! Here you will find a variety of my scarves for all of your holiday needs!

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