5 Nov

Hello! I decided to create this blog to start promoting handmade crafts. I have been crafting pretty much my entire life and take pride in all handmade items. I started selling my crafts on an awesome website called Etsy. Please check out my shop lovelylovedesigns and other shops when looking for Christmas and Birthday Gifts!

Teddy Bear In Stocking Crocheted Christmas Card

Looking for orginal gifts for a family member or friend for the holiday season? My Crocheted Christmas Cards  are the perfect solution! Made from recycled Christmas Cards for years past. Hole punched evenly and then tightly crocheted around the card. I even provided a loop at the top of each card so that Crocheted Christmas Card can be cherished forever on your Christmas Tree. In this section of my shop, I also have Crocheted Cards for

For My Sister On Her Happy Day Crocheted Christmas Card

Birthdays.  Perfect Handmade Ornaments!

I have a selection of cards with all different themes. I have religious themes with Jesus in the Manger, Santa Claus coming down the chimney, little critters around a Christmas Tree and even Snowman. You can find the perfect gift for anyone at an affordable price with these Crocheted Christmas Cards


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