Regular and BNR – Buy and Replace – Treasuries on Etsy

6 Nov

Treasuries are a great way to promote items from your shop and others shops on Etsy. It took me awhile to figure out how to make treasuries but they are very easy!


Here are the steps!

  1. Go to the main page of Etsy.
  2. Next to the words Handmade Items, you will see a hyperlink “see more” click that.
  3. On the right side of the page, you will see a box that said “curator tools.” In that box, click the link “create a list.”
  4. Now you are ready to create your treasury.
Most treasuries deal with a theme. One treasury that I created was for the Cardinals and the World Series. It was titled “Let’s Go St. Louis Cardinals!” When viewing a treasury, you can heart it, comment on it and click on the items you want to find out more information on.
If you are looking at making connections with other shops on Etsy or making sales, check out the BNR treasuries. BNR stands for buy and replace. There are a lot of different types of BNR treasuries buy generally they all work the same way.
  1. Find an item for one of the featured shops in the treasury you would like to purchase
  2. In the comments box at the bottom of the page, post the shop name you want to purchase from
  3. Wait for the curators okay
  4. Once you have permission, go and purchase the item you were wanting
  5. Post the transaction link in the comment box for the curator to see (the transaction link will have the word “transaction” in it)
  6. The curator will put one of the items from your shop in the slot of the shop you bought from
Some shops tweek the format of the BNR treasuries to make it a little more interesting. Make sure you read rules for each BNR you want to enter BEFORE purchasing. This will ensure you will not make unnecessary purchases.

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