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Feature Shop – Beach Sea Crafts

23 Dec

Feature Shop  – Beach Sea Crafts

Hey, my name is Marilyn and I have been crafting for over 30 yrs. Since I can remember, my mother taught us all (5 siblings) to hand make just about everything. I am from a small town in SC and love to collect fossils and use my hands.  No matter what challenge was or is put to me…I love to find the answer. I love being organized and my favorite movie is Forrest Gump. I also love Disney. Cartoons are my favorite to draw.

What is your favorite craft to make and why?

I love to make shark tooth jewelry from the fossils I find and paint seashells. I draw quite often also.

Who got you involved in crafts?

My mother and her creative talents. Thanks Mom!

Do you have an Etsy shop? If so, what is the name?

Yes, my shop is called Beach Sea Crafts. For the love of the beach and the art I create from it.  Mother Nature provides me with surprises and fun items to paint, use in projects and make jewelry.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Here on Etsy with a bigger shop. I hope to expand in a few years once retired to include a wider range of beach crafts. However, I will always make my shark tooth jewelry and create art with shells.

What advise would you give to other crafters?

Never give up, there is always a way. Artists and crafters are their own worse critics. I feel trial and error is a learning curve we all must go through. Even the smallest idea can be so special and unique. Keep the faith and try harder!

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